Sandi's work is multilayered, involving resists, thickened dyes, natural plant material, silk & paper fibers and liquid acrylic. Textures are created by filling silk screens with thickened dyes, which are imprinted with cross sections of plant material. After drying, print paste is run through the screen, which breaks down the dye and produces new intriguing patterns with each run. These textured images on archival paper form the lower layer of her work.

Silk fiber, naturally translucent and iridescent, forms the upper layer. Sandi creates barrier outlines with gutta resists. Then, she applies liquid acrylic in hundreds of shades, continuously choosing color balance and subtle variations in hue and intensity.

 An avid traveler and scuba diver, Sandi finds inspiration in all forms of nature, from sea life to rain forests. Through many drawings, Sandi works to capture her emotional memory of a visual experience rather than a literal rendering of the scene. The result is a unique illustrative image that plays with the boundaries of reality.